By Lydia Denney /

Looking for a new way to spice up Taco Tuesday? Look no further.

Centralia’s Tower Tavern’s Taco Tuesday menu extends past the average hard tortilla/meat/cheese combo. Taco lovers have the choice of a hard or soft shell, taco salads and nachos. They also have a list of toppings to choose from and yes, guac costs extra.

Owner Dave Freeman said the bar has been doing Taco Tuesday for 20 years, and it’s always one of their busiest days. Over the years, their Taco Tuesday menu has continued to expand as their specials became more popular and their Tuesdays got busier. Freeman gets to the bar early and cooks up to 60 pounds of meat to supply all their taco options, and soft tacos are the biggest seller, he said.

The taco bar on Taco Tuesdays at O’Blarney’s in Centralia.

Freeman uses his own recipes for Spanish rice and carne asada to serve on Tuesdays and also makes his own shells for taco salads. To go along with Tower’s taco specials, bartender Alyssa Rei said the best paired drink is one of their margaritas, which come in a variety of flavors including peach, mango, lime and more. The flavors can also be combined, which makes one of their most popular combinations — strawberry and jalapeno, she said.

If you head down South Gold Street to The Limit Bar and Grill, you’d better start early — they often sell out of their taco ingredients within an hour of starting their specials, said Renee Valentine, who owns the bar with her husband, Mike. Michelle Watson, the bar’s cook and “taco chef” (according to Renee), starts making their Tuesday specials at 5 p.m. and uses all fresh ingredients. Watson said the best drink to have with one of their taco specials would be a margarita on the rocks.

The Limit Bar and Grill’s taco chef Michelle Watson makes a plate of nachos for Taco Tuesday.

If you’re looking to assemble your own taco masterpiece, O’Blarney’s at the Gibson House in Centralia has an all you can eat taco bar on Tuesdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. After all, who says an Irish bar can’t celebrate Taco Tuesday?

Pair a taco with one of O’Blarney’s margarita specials or bartender Levi Taylor’s drink of choice, a “Kayla Special,” a concoction created by another O’Blarney’s bartender that includes tequila, soda water and a mix of fruit juices. After eating all the tacos you can, stick around for O’Blarney’s trivia night that starts at 7 p.m.

If you need a break from all the beef, chicken and carne asada, you can find fish tacos at The Hub Bar and Grill or Coconuts Island Grill in Centralia.

A plate of nachos made at The Limit Bar and Grill in Centralia for Taco Tuesday.

The Hub owner Jim Francis serves halibut and cod tacos, while at Coconuts Island Grill, chef Jim Wells said customers can customize their tacos with choices of steak, pulled pork or cod. Wells said one of their popular drinks is called Sex in a Palm Tree, which includes rum, vodka, and cranberry and pineapple juices.

If you’re serious about your tacos, why limit yourself? Bub’s Pub in Centralia celebrates Taco Tuesday all day — that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner covered.

“A lot of people think it doesn’t start until five, but it starts as soon as we open and I get the meat done,” said Trish Brown, cook and bartender at Bub’s Pub.

Tower Tavern owner Dave Freeman holds a taco salad made for Taco Tuesday.

All day, the pub’s specials include tacos, taco salads and nachos, which makes Tuesdays their busiest, Brown said. Like many other places, Bub’s Pub also has margarita specials for customers to pair with their tacos.

Taco Tuesday specials can be found at Frosty’s in Napavine and Donna’s Place in Toledo. At Donna’s Place, their menu also extends past a soft shell taco to a taco pizza named The Mother Ship, with meat, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, olives and cheddar cheese. If you’re still looking for the classic taco, they also have eight-inch tacos, not smaller street tacos, owner Donna Wallace said.

“I don’t know if it would go well with tacos, but we just got a new Crown Royal peach (whisky),” Wallace said. “We’re making Crown peach alcoholic milkshakes.”

In Onalaska, Loggers Burger Bar has tacos and taco salads available. Owner Many Reynoldson said the best drink to go with their tacos is an ice cold Pepsi.

The taco bar on Taco Tuesdays at O’Blarney’s in Centralia.

The Taco Tuesday specials at Tower Tavern in Centralia.

Tower Tavern owner Dave Freeman makes Taco Tuesday specials.

The Taco Tuesday specials at The Limit Bar and Grill in Centralia.

Bub’s Pub cook and bartender Trish Brown makes tacos for Taco Tuesday.

A taco made at Bub’s Pub Sports Bar and Grill in Centralia on Taco Tuesday.