By The Weekender

If you wake up Monday morning feeling like a dozen tiny Leprechauns are riverdancing around your skull, chances are you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day. This is your penance.

We asked around the newsroom and The Chronicle’s office — here are our best suggestions to survive the day, if not make it to work in one piece.

Perhaps the most surprising of our findings is how sensible the newsroom is when it comes to hangover recovery. For the most part, they eschew crazy concoctions, experimental treatments or fad diets. Most gave some variation of: Sleep, drink water, sleep some more, have some coffee.

Green dye makes for specialty drinks at the Market Street Pub for St. Patty’s Day.

“I drink lots of coffee and I sleep,” reporter Cody Neuenschwander said.

Alex Brown recommended Ibuprofen and rehydrating with gatorade, while Alysa Andrews in the front office and Amber Taylor in print sales go for hardcore hydration — Pedialyte.

“If you can keep down Pedialyte, eat some pizza,” Andrews said.

Reporter Katie Hayes advocates for a hangover cure involving pickle juice, coffee and lots of water — but not all at once, don’t worry — in addition to a ritual involving comedy and comfy sweatshirts.

“I watch, on a loop, Larry David videos from ‘Curb your Enthusiasm,’ she said.

Reporter Will Rubin recommended scrambled eggs, and several others advocated for greasy breakfast food or the ultimate treat — leftover pizza.

Chronicle and Weekender Editor Natalie Johnson also heads for the junk food, preferably in the form of pizza rolls. But like Hayes, she said a good day spent vegetating on the couch never hurts. Her recommendation — Early “X-files.”

“The monster episodes, not the alien ones,” she clarified.

Front office manager and office mom to us all Ronda Barr advocates for the “hair-of-the-dog” approach in worst-case scenarios.

“Start all over,” she said.

Chronicle and Weekender Publisher Michael Wagar offered his home cure, or in the alternative, advocates for time travel.

“A dark, quiet room with a nice fluffy bed … and lots of sleep,” he said. “Or be 21 years old.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

No one in the office would admit to seeking the curative properties of the devil’s lettuce (weed, dude) for a hangover cure, but we’ve heard it works wonders. Wink wink.